2018 Community Survey

The results are in!

After thousands of you completed our 2018 Community Survey, we can now share the results and your vision for the future. And what a big, bold future you’ve described. It's 100% focused on achieving tangible outcomes for a better, renewable-shaped, Australia.

Download the infographic here.

As a community, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to get there and to fight for the issues we care about:

  • 81% asked for more mythbusting guides to better equip you in your discussions with your friends and families about climate change impacts and solutions.
  • 85% said you’d attend a Climate Council hosted speaking event in your area.
  • Thousands put your hand up to provide your time, talents, energy and finances to further our work.
  • Thousands of you shared your insights on new issues we could champion and how we can collectively become more effective.

Supporters like Nicola, Orpheus, Paul and Robyn summed up why they’re involved and what they love most about the Climate Council:

  • “A voice of reason I can trust.”
  • “It's an independent and professional voice supported by thousands of concerned citizens.”
  • “The rational, scientifically based and passionate conversation is brilliant, and will have no small part in changing attitudes, policies and funding nationally.”
  • “A passionate community using people power and science to tell stories that matter.”

All of this and more is possible thanks to the thousands of Climate Council supporters all around the country.

No matter what gets thrown at us - from ongoing attacks against charities and free speech, to pushes for new coal mines, to stifling renewables progress - we will stand strong.

Together, we’ll continue to promote authoritative, independent information on climate change, the solutions and international action, based on the most up-to-date science available.

Donate today to make this future a reality.